Radio GA

The radio genisanime transmits audio of anime genre. Spectacular manga sound at 192 kbps. per second, 24 hours. From the Honduran animelodia project. For the planet otaku. The single radio

The Radio

Anime Music.

Jpop,Video Game, Youtuber, Fandub.The fabulus radio presents itself as:


The definite tribute in honor to the memory of all those anime website no longer online. Inspirated in the cult series: Neo Genesis Evangelion. The GA Radio Project is free, without publicity. Designed on a very powerful server.

  • Anime Images.
  • Soundtrack Originales.
  • 24 Hour Audio Streaming.
  • GA Radio Programmed in HTML5.
  • Radio Genesis Anime of Honduras.

GA App

Download free application, beta version.